Demonstration at City Hall Friday, October 24th at 3PM

tenants unite

Stop SHA Rent Hikes Protest at City Hall

Friday, October 24th, 3 pm

City Hall, 600th Fourth Ave.

Tenants understand that the Seattle Housing Authority’s “Stepping Forward” proposal will be a disaster for families. It would raise rents by over 400% and force thousands out of the city or into homelessness.

A mass movement can defeat Stepping Forward, and we are off to a great start! Community members, immigrant women, and young people voiced overwhelming opposition at every SHA public hearing. At the Yesler Community Center we rallied, at New Holly we took control of the meeting, and at High Point we walked out.

Because of our protests, the Seattle City Council sent a letter explicitly opposing Stepping Forward. But more is needed to get the SHA to back down.  Come join tenants, community members, and affordable housing advocates at a protest at City Hall to demand:

  • Scrap SHA’s Stepping Forward
  • Expand high quality publicly owned housing
  • Put tenant activists on the Mayor’s affordable housing committee
  • For transparency on the SHA Board of Commissioners
  • Tenants must have a say in who is appointed to the SHA Board, and appointees must have a record of fighting for tenants

Questions? Contact Questions? Contact Abdi Mohamed: 206-802-4381; or Denechia Powell at 206-722-6848 ext.102 or email Denechia at


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